• How Video Production Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

      1:05 am By Sandler

      The quality of video production matters a lot as it has a major role the development and production of the finished video; which at the end of the day is a representation of the organization. It is very important to ensure that the best video production standards are maintained during film/video production. If the video is creative, visually appealing and detailed, it is bound to leave a strong impact on the viewer and increase retention, recall and memory. Videos are a very effective format to communicate with customers and to marketing your business but it’s also important to ensure they are well produced since they represent your business.

      As mentioned above, production standards play a major role in deciding how good a video is. Video or film production can either be done in-house or outsourced to video production service providers which deal with video production on a daily basis. Let’s focus on the benefits small businesses can reap by outsourcing film requirements to video production companies which offer a diverse set of film production services.

      Benefits of Video Production Services to Small Businesses

      1. You don’t have to manage the production team

      It is quite evident that small businesses have a small workforce and if your small business does not deal with film production in any manner, it makes no sense to burden your workforce with an additional task of coordinating a film production. It takes a lot of human, creative, and technical resources and knowledge to manage a film production. Instead of dealing with these areas of expertise and overwhelming your team, it’s often best to hire a video production company that specializes in video production services who can work with you and be your partner in production to ensure that your specific deliverables are met.

      2. You don’t need any filming equipment

      Another expense that a small business has to bear if the production is done in-house is that it needs to invest on all the necessary filming equipment. To produce professional video content there are a variety of factors to consider like having the right resources for both filming and post-production.  That means having the right filming equipment like cameras, lights, cranes, and then editing software, sound mixing and recording equipment. When you hire a professional video production services, you are gaining access to all of the equipment and the technical know-how to use it and capture your film production. When you work with a video production company they will provide professional video production services and manage every part of the production from start to finish.

      3. Expertise and Experience

      Another advantage of outsourcing your filming requirement to companies that offer video production services is that you gain access to the vast experience and expertise these companies have. They have artists and technicians who will have years of experience in their domain and have special skills and expertise in their line of work. Hence, they will work with you to understand your requirements and work with you to develop an video production that is on message and captures your story efficiently and effectively.

      4. Quick Turnaround Time

      Film production companies that offer video production services deal with video production on a daily basis and help multiple brands and companies coming from a wide array of business verticals. They are used to last minute changes, tight schedules and adhering to the deadlines of their clients for each initiative they undertake. When you outsource your corporate video production projects, you can be rest assured that your requirements are produced efficiently and in-line with your specific deadlines. What may take experienced professionals just a few days to turn around might take an untrained and inexperienced internal team member many weeks to develop and the results still may be not as polished as you need to represent your brand.

      5. Latest Trends and Techniques

      Given that every business organization is investing in video production today, it is very important for a small business to differentiate itself from others with the help of creative, quality videos that will resonate with your target audience and drive your business forward. When you outsource your corporate video production projects to companies that specialize in video production services, you are gaining access to these latest trends and techniques to showcase your business with out added expense.

      Regardless of your business, or the vertical you are in, video production can be a highly effective medium to tell your story and supplement your marketing initiatives. Working with a video production company that specializes in video production services can help you to effectively and efficiently utilize these tools and capitalize on using video production for your marketing campaigns, training videos, and to showcase your business.

    • Top Five Things to Never Do When Opening a Business

      4:14 am By Sandler

      Starting a new business! It can be exhilarating to see your dream put into action. But most experienced entrepreneurs will tell you, the initial stages of starting a business might not be smooth run for many. Things can come crashing unexpectedly if you are not prepared.

      Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid when starting a business.

      1. Don’t Get Bogged down by Failures

      One of the reasons why many people fail to become entrepreneurs is they are afraid of failing or don’t know how to open up a business without stumbling. You need to treat your failure as a learning curve. You can learn good lessons even from your failures. However, you need to understand how these mistakes happened, what the result was and how you dealt with failure.

      It might be disheartening when things don’t work as planned but you need to be more careful next time.

      2. Don’t Be Afraid of Trying New Things

      It’s a fact of life- Not everything will work as planned. But you may never know what will work and what won’t unless you have tried. So never fear about experimenting or trying new ways. The worst thing that might happen is the idea will not take off. But what if it does?

      Trying new things will improve your confidence and you will be surprised by your own potential. Always remember you have started a business for some purpose and you have to keep on reinventing yourself throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

      3. Don’t Try to Imitate Others

      It is a big mistake committed by entrepreneurs which lead to failures. They see other entrepreneurs and follow them either through admiration or envy which is not the right thing to do. This is a sure-fire way to fail because you don’t know the complete story behind other entrepreneur’s success. You won’t be able to keep up and eventually fail.

      You should believe in yourself, your idea and try to be unique. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, develop your own style, cultivate a new idea, reinvent and you will see people following your footsteps.

      4. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Advice or Help

      Networking is very important in business and don’t think of doing everything alone. If you look at the greatest entrepreneurs and research about them, you will know they were mentored by someone who had better knowledge and understanding about business.

      Do you know Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook turned to Steve Jobs for advice during his early days as an entrepreneur? According to an interview published in Business Insider, it was Steve Jobs who advised Mark Zuckerberg to visit India that reaffirmed his sense of Facebook’s mission.

      You might not have Steve Jobs by your side but you can always seek a mentor and get his valuable advice and learn a lot about business from him/her. Having someone to guide you, give good advice and that timely encouragement could make a difference in your entrepreneurial journey.

      Don’t be afraid of learning from other person’s mistakes. And more often, mentors are happy to share about their ups and down from their entrepreneurial journey that will give you knowledge which might not be available in books.

      5. Don’t Forget to Maintain Work-Life Balance

      Starting a business is never easy and the initial period is difficult for many entrepreneurs. Balancing your work with your personal/family life should be a priority. If you fail to achieve this, you will face many problems and obstacle on the way.

      It is always good to stay focused on goals of life but that does not mean family life is less important. Ignoring the latter will increase stress and hamper your creativity and productivity. If you find, you are spending less time with your family after starting a business (http://www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Own-Business), it’s time to reassess before it is too late.

      When you maintain a work-life balance, you will lead a healthier, happier, and productive life. Maintaining work-life balance will also make you realize that you can become a better leader, son, husband, and a father. There will be a time when you need to throttle up and times when you need to throttle down. Self-realization is the key in such matters.

      And that’s it. Never do these 5 things when opening a business and you will set yourself on a path to greater business success.

    • Why Should Businesses Rely on CPA Firms

      4:04 am By Sandler

      Are you a business entrepreneur looking for CPA services to get the right accountant? Read this article for some valuable tips when it comes to looking for CPA services:

      Consider if You Will Outsource Your Bookkeeping:

      Many businesses like to keep bookkeeping in-house. They perform their bookkeeping services with the help of programs such as QuickBooks. While there are many who look for CPA services to outsource their services.

      Whatever approach you choose, make sure you have undertaken sufficient planning. This will ensure that you are not repenting your decision later. CPA services often describe themselves as “comprehensive accounting firms.”

      Take Into Account Reasons Why You Need Industry Specialists:

      If you are in the industry with your special regulatory issues or tax laws, you need to look for accountants who have specialized in that particular industry.

      If you are hiring a specialist, you might have to spend more. This also ensures that your accountant is not working with your competitors. You can expect such CPA services to offer you suggestions in the field of consulting firms, discuss with you industry-specific accounting solutions, and offer suggestion on industry-specific tax planning strategies.

      Be Clear about What You Are Looking for in CPA Services:

      Good CPA services offer tax planning and tax preparation services for the owners and the business. You can also get in touch with them for consulting services in the field of operating accounting software, installing software, and selecting the right software.

      You can ask for additional services such as auditing, review and compilation of financial statements. This will help you think of additional services that you might want to take up in the near future.

      It is better not to wrack your brains thinking about services that you might need 20 years down the line. Think of the services that you might need in the next two to three years. You can discuss with your CPA services to get idea about the kinds of services that you must opt for.

      Budget the Accounting Fees Upfront:

      CPA services structure their services in different ways. While some charge modest amounts, some charge exorbitant amounts as well. Synchronize the budget well in advance with CPA services.

      Look for Some Levels of Personalized Services:

      You must care about personal services. CPA services offering personalized services will cater to the changing requirements of yours.

      These vital aspects are supposed to be considered when it comes to hiring a CPA service. You can rely on the professionals to make important decisions on your behalf. You can expect personal and professional touch in the wide array of consulting, payroll, tax and accounting services that they take up. These services will certainly help you keep more than what you make.

      So, if you have taken the decision of outsourcing accounting services to a CPA service, get in touch with the experts today.

    • Why Look for Bookkeeping Services for Your Business

      3:29 am By Sandler

      If you are running a business that has huge cash flows, then you have to maintain your profits, losses, cash flows and financial statements accurately. This data needs to be maintained not just for your information, but also to pay your taxes correctly. When such is a case, you need some professionals to deal with all your financial information and maintain these records up-to-date so that you concentrate on flourishing your business. You can think of hiring an official bookkeeper to do this job for you.

      What is bookkeeping?

      Bookkeeping involves the process of maintaining all your financial records accurately. These records include your day to day transactions, profits, losses and cash flow. Every bit of the financial transactions related to your business needs to be recorded. The recorded information helps you to file your taxes correctly and will also help you during the times of audit.

      Advantages of hiring a professional book-keeping agency

      If your business is small, you can take care of all your finances yourself. But when it comes to dealing with a few thousand dollars on a yearly basis, then it is always preferred that you hire a professional book keeper. A professional book keeper will make sure that all your accounts are up to date- on a daily basis. You get a lot of benefits by hiring a professional book-keeper.

      o Maintenance of all your transactions throughout the year. The process becomes hassle free for you.

      o Professional use of accounting and book keeping software which makes the process of book keeping less complicated.

      o Reduces your cost: since you do not have to hire a permanent employee to do this job.

      o Reduces Paper and hence makes your job clean and tidy.

      o Advantage of location- You can get good book-keeping officials from your own locality.

      Things to consider while hiring a bookkeeper

      Not all bookkeepers would fit all businesses. Keep the following things in mind while choosing your official bookkeeping agency.

      • Background: While choosing your book keeper make sure you validate the background. You are entrusting your entire business financial responsibilities with the bookkeeper. Make sure you hire a trust worthy one.

      • Knowledge: Your book keeper must have through knowledge of various software available in the market. Good bookkeepers need to pay lot of attention to minute details. Also they have to maintain a good rapport with the accounts people.

      • Cost: Make sure that you check the cost. They may charge you exuberantly for the services that they provide. Make sure that you check with multiple agencies in your local area before you zero down on one.

      • Location: Make sure that you hire your them from the same location as you are so that you get maximum availability of the book keeper for your business.

    • Small Business Finance: Best Ways to Raise Funds

      3:51 pm By Sandler

      Small businesses are not meant to be small. And in order to increase the scale of operations, you need finances to invest on a variety of expenses. Starting a small business with limited funds is not difficult either, however sustaining the business with limited funds and showing consistent growth over time is certainly difficult. There is no growth if there is no investment and many small businesses shut down failing to secure these finances. If you don’t have enough personal savings or funds of your own, raising funds from external sources is certainly a daunting task. However, if done right, it is not so difficult to raise funds from the listed sources of finance. Read on for details on the list.

      Small Business Finance: Best Ways to Raise Funds

      1. Banks

      You can always approach a bank with proper documentation to grant funds to your small business. Banks offer two kinds of financial assistance, namely loans and overdraft. Loans are a long-term financial assistance that is provided in exchange for collateral. Overdrafts are a short-term financial assistance which are suited for immediate needs and come with a higher rate of interest. Overdrafts however are much flexible than loans and help small businesses in dealing with unexpected crises and fluctuations.

      2. Share Capital

      Another way small businesses can raise funds is by offering a share in the capital to the investors as per their contribution. The owner of the small business still retains most of the share and thus stays the key decision maker. Equity and/or are fairly divided based on a mutual agreement between all the shareholders. The people who will share your capital can be anybody who is willing to invest in your small business; your friends, family or colleagues. Moreover, it is not even necessary that the investors be a part of the day-to-day operations.

      3. Angel Investors

      Another way small businesses can source their finance is with the help of angel investors. These investors are serial entrepreneurs who have years of business experience and invest in various small businesses and startups. Along with the funding, they also bring in their expertise and authority. Their power in the company is directly proportional to the amount of investments they make and despite the amount, angel investors will always be one of the key decision makers. However, with the help of their guidance and support, success can be guaranteed in many cases.

      If the small business grows up to be established and successful, it can approach venture capitalists in the subsequent stages. Although, it is very difficult to rope in a VC firm if your business is still budding.

      Tips before seeking funds

      It is advised that the small business owner is well aware of the ways the funds can be utilized before seeking to raise funds. Also, it is required to know how much investment is needed well before the quote is made. In the case of angel investors or VC, the small business owner must also be ready to give up some power in the company.